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Originally built as an agora and named as Tetrastoon (because of the four columns) by Septimus Severus, Augustaion would be used on ceremonial occasions and later as a forecourt of Hagia Sophia. This rectangular court was in front of Hagia Sophia. It was between the Chalke (the entrance of the Great Palace) and Mese (Divanyolu).

Million-Stone-ConstantinopleThe Million stone which is thought to be the starting point in the world was outside on the Ausgustaion. In the southwest corner of it, there was a 50 meter high bronze sheated column which would carry the statue of Justinian (column of Justinian) holding a globe on one hand and pointing the east with other hand.

The square was full of statues of the Emperors like Justinian and Theodosius. There was also a statue of Augusta Helena by whose name Augustaion was named after.

The square was destructed firstly by the 4th Crusaders however it was demolished mostly by the Ottomans.


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