Silver Coin, Minted in Lycia

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British Museum
Great Russell Street London England WC1B GB

Silver Coin, Period: 5thc. B.C., Ancient Greek circa: 480 B.C-460 B.C, Ruler: Taththivaibi, Minted in: Lycia (Modern Turkey, Anatolia) Museum Description: Head of Aphrodite left, rows of formal curls on fore-head, hair fastened by band passing three times round it, and caught up behind; truncation on neck dotted; symbol, resembling T on neck. (reverse) Tetraskeles right, members of which divide the legend; in inner ring, owl standing left, head to front; symbol at beginning of inscription: the whole. British Museum is closed 24, 25 and 26 December and 1 January, but is open every other day of the year. Fast facts about the British Museum: Founded: 1753, Collection size: 8 million objects, Oldest object in the collection: Stone chopping tool (nearly 2 million years old).
Silver Coin.jpg 3 years ago
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