Hagia Sophia: The Holy Church


If you are wondering about the monument of the Hagia Sophia here are some of the facts that you need to know about this great monument. In this article, we are covering different aspects of this monument and telling you a lot about it that can easily help to increase your knowledge in this aspect. This monument is a perfect example of the architectural and engineering blend of that time and is at present known as one of the most beautiful monuments of all time.
There is a rich history behind this monument and how it was built. The Hagia Sophia is a perfect blend of both the Ottoman empires and the Byzantine civilization and never fails to represent the both of them in the best form. It was first built as a church but later on converted to the mosque according to the changes of the culture that were done in that place. At the end, it was converted into the museum and presently serves as the same. It has a huge number of artifacts in the display meant to show you the history and culture of that time.
Other Names
There are a lot of other names that the Hagia Sophia is known by the most famously known one is the Church of the holy wisdom. The other popularly known name of this church is the church of the divine wisdom. These names were given at different times at different people to completely do justice to this well-known monument.

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