Hagia Sophia Mosaics

Mosaic of Archangel Gabriel

Mosaic of Archangel Gabriel - Hagia Sophia

Though depiction of a winged angel as a young woman is not an early Christian tradition but a later practice, Gabriel Mosaic is one of the most beautiful mosaics of Hagia Sophia. Located in the bema vault, The Archangel Gabriel has a crystal ball in one hand and a scepter in another.

Wearing a ribbon in the hair, it has a fair complexion. Clothed in dark royal clothes with a cape, it shines with golden tesserae. It faces another angel, Michael whose relics are just four feathers of its right wing, one of his feet, and the part of a feather of its left wing.


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Hagia Sophia Research Team (HSRT) consists of a group of people who likes to research Byzantine Heritage in Turkey by visiting and taking photos of the historical places.

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  • Though I work as a Doctor,Byzantine or better East Roman research has always been a great temptation for me.
    Congratulations on your work! You keep unraveling treasures well buried under the facts.
    During my last visit to Hagia Sophia, a couple of days ago, with sorrow I realized the transformation of the church to a mosque may be but surely to a form far different from what it was meant to be.
    Mostly I was embarrassed by the darkness of the building at night, while all the surrounding was showing bright.
    I estimate all of the researchers and the history lovers have to protest to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and the Istanbul state.