Exterior Hagia Sophia


Tombs of Hagia Sophia

Tomb of Sultan Selim II

Despite his will to be buried in Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, Sultan Selim the second was buried in Hagia Sophia because it was respected as a royal tomb. His tomb was designed by Mimar Sinan. With his wifes’ and sons’, there are forty two sarcophagi in the mausoleum.

Decorated with tiles on its walls, the marble mausoleum of Selim II an octagonal layout.

Tomb of Sultan Mehmed III

Built by the architect Dalgic Ahmed Aga on the order of Sultan Ahmed I, the mausoleum of Mehmed III who killed his nineteen brother when he came to the throne, has two domes and an octagonal plan. Inside the tomb, there are twenty six sarcophagi including the tomb of Sultan Ahmed and his family.


Tomb of Sultan Murad III

Built by Davud Aga in 1599, the mausoleum of Sultan Murad III, houses 54 sarcophagi. The hexagonal mausoleum with two domes was completed four years after the death of Sultan Murad III.

The tomb has three rows of windows and ornamented interior walls. The dome is supported by six-free standing columns.

The Tomb of Princes

There are the sarcophagi of four princes of Sultan Murad III and the daughter of Sultan Murad III in the mausoleum. The walls of it is ornamented with plant motifs.

The Tomb of Sultan Mustafa I and Sultan Ibrahim

Baptistery of the Hagia Sophia, was used as a mausoleum of Sultan Mustafa I and Sultan Ibrahim along with 17 other sarcophagi of the members in the dynasty. It has an octagonal internal layout.

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