Constantine Xeros, sebastos (twelfth century, second half).jpg
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Constantine Xeros, Sebastos. Period: Late Byzantine, 12th.c. second half. Translation: May you, a...
Theodore Kastamonites, sebastos, Seal.jpg
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Seal, Theodore Kastamonites, Sebastos.  The two Saints Theodore standing with their hands upraise...
byzantine seal John Tarchaneiotes.jpg
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Seal, John Tarchaneiotes, Period: Late Byzantine, 13 th. century. (second half).  St. John the Ba...
Molivdovul. Manuel I Comnenus.jpg
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The State Hermitage Museum
Molivdovul. Manuel I Comnenus, Period: Middle Byzantine, circa: 1143-1180. Material: lead. The co...
Priests and Ekklesiekdikoi.jpg
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Virgin Mary (right) and Emperor Justinian (left), holding between them a model of the church of H...
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