Byzantine Treasures

12th Century Byzantine Tunic.jpg
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The Kunsthistorisches Museum
Tunic from Palermo; Blue and red velvet, gold embroidery, gold appliqués with cloisonné enamel an...
Terracotta figure of a boy with a cock.jpg
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Terracotta figure of a boy with a cock, Period: Hellenistic, 1th c. BC. (circa) Material: Terraco...
Almond-Shaped Pendant.png
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Almond-Shaped Pendant, Period: Early Byzantine, circa: 400-600. Materials: gold, lapis lazuli, ga...
Altar Cloth or Podea-1.jpg
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Altar Cloth or Podea. Period: Late Byzantine, circa: late 14th century. Made in: probably Greece ...
Base for a Cross-1.jpg
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Metropolitan Museum of Art
Base for a Cross, Period: Middle Byzantine circa: 11th century. Made in Constantinople. Materials...
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Benediction Cross, Period: Late Byzantine, circa: 1200s-1400s. Materials: black schist, gold, sil...
bird figurine early byzantine.jpg
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Bird Figure, Period: Early Byzantine, circa: 6thC-7thC; Made in: Egypt. Dimensions: Height: 2.6 i...
Bloodstone Cameo with Saint George.jpg
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The Cleveland Art Museum
Bloodstone Cameo with Saint George. Period: Middle Byzantine, circa: 1000-1100s. Material: bloods...
Book Cover with a Cross Flanked by Cypress Trees.png
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Book Cover with a Cross Flanked by Cypress Trees, Period: Early Byzantine, circa: Mid 6th Century...
Bowl with Hunting Scene  Early Byzantine.png
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Bowl with Hunting Scene, Period: Early Byzantine, 5th Century A.D. Material: silver. The museum i...
Bracelet with Jewelled Clasp.png
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Bracelet with Jewelled Clasp, Period: Early Byzantine, Date: -circa-Second half 4th Century (poss...
Bracelet with Panthers - Byzantine (2).png
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Bracelet with Panthers, Period:  Early Byzantine, Found in Hadra near Alexandria (Egypt). Materia...
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The J. Paul Getty Museum
Bracelet, Period: Late Roman circa: about 379 – 395 A.D., Materials: Gold, emeralds, sapphi...
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The J. Paul Getty Museum
Bracelet, Period: Late Roman circa: 379 – 395 A.D. Medium: Gold. Dimensions: 1.4 × 6.3 cm (...
Brick with a Dog's Paw Print.JPG
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Brick with a Dog’s Paw Print. Period: Middle Byzantine; Findspot: Istanbul. Material: ceram...
Bronze Brooch, Early Byzantine.jpg
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Brooch, in the form of a dove. Period: Early Byzantine, circa: 6thc-7thc. Material: Bronze . Brit...
Bronze Counterpoise weight.jpg
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Counterpoise weight, Period: Early Byzantine, circa: 6th c. Material: Bronze. British Museum is c...
Bronze Hanging Lamp.jpg
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Hanging lamp; Period: Early Byzantine; (5thC-6thC). Found: Tell el-Yahudiya (Africa,Egypt,Lower E...
icon with St Nicholas.jpg
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Small  icon of St Nicholas. Period: Late Byzantine; circa: First half of 13th century. Materials:...
Bronze Key.jpg
Key, Materials: Bronze. Made in: Constantinople. Period: Early Byzantine (?). The Benaki Museum o...
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