Hagia Sophia Mosaics

Mosaic of Fathers of the Church


They were from the restoration era under the reign of Basil and depicted in the south and north tympanum on the lower register.

Ignatius the Younger

In this mosaic, Ignatius has white hair and no beard. He is thought to be 50 years old in the mosaic. He was a eunuch. His inscription reads: ‘’Ignatios Neos’’


St. John Chrysostom

Having a nickname of ‘’gold mouth’’, Chrysostom is middle aged in the mosaic. His inscription presents: ‘’Ioannis Chrisostomos’’. When the Empress Eudoxia and John Khrysostomos sent him into exile, the church was burned down by the rebels who supported him.


St. Ignatios Theophoros

He was a bishop of Antioch before he was martyred. He has a beard and is of old age. His inscription says: ‘’Ignatios Theophoros’’. Each saint dress in ‘’omophorion’’ a bishop vestment. St. Ignatius the Younger is wearing a cap. They hold Bible in one hand, St. Theophoros and Khrysostomos are signing benediction with their right hans.

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