Mosaic Panel

Mosaic Panel.JPG
Mosaic Panel.JPG
Mosaic Panel.JPG
Istanbul Archaeological Museum
Park İçi Yolu İstanbul 34122 TR

Mosaic Panel. Period: Early Byzantine;  circa: Late 6th – early 7th century. Findspot: Istanbul, Kalenderhane Mosque excavations. Decorated the southern niche of the apse; it depicts the earliest presentation scene, the hypapante, found in Istanbul. Materials: stone, glass. In the Istanbul Archaeological Museum collections, there are rich and very important works of art belonging to various civilizations from the regions from Africa to Balkans , from Anatolia and Mesopotamia to Arab Peninsula and Afghanistan that were in the borders of the Ottoman Empire.

Mosaic Panel.JPG 7 years ago
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Mosaic Panel.JPG 7 years ago
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