Oval Cameo, St Dimitrios

Oval cameo.jpg

Oval cameo of glass paste, with a representation of St Dimitrios. Period: Middle Byzantine; circa: 12th c. Materials: glass. Made in: Constantinople.  The Benaki Museum of Greek Culture is housed in one of the most beautiful neoclassical-style buildings in Athens, near the National Garden and the Hellenic Parliament. It was converted into a museum in order to shelter the collections of Antonis Benakis and was donated to the Greek nation by himself and his three sisters, Alexandra, Penelope and Argine. Following its most recent refurbishment (1989–2000), the building houses a unique exhibition on Greek culture arranged diachronically from prehistory to the 20th century.

Oval cameo.jpg 7 years ago
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Pectoral cross with busts of Jesus Christ and saints, silver-gilt. On the reverse, the engraved i...
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Three sections of a Gold necklace. Materials: sapphires, emeralds, cornelians and pearls. Period:...
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