Byzantine Treasures

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Steelyard Weight with a Bust of a Byzantine Empress and a Hook. This Byzantine steelyard weight d...
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Buckle with Garnets. Period: Early Byzantine; circa:400–500 A.D. Material: gold. Made in: Constan...
Byzantine Pectoral Cross.jpg
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Byzantine Pectoral Cross (front and back), Period: Late Byzantine circa: 1200–1400 A.D. , Benaki ...
12th Century Byzantine Tunic.jpg
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The Kunsthistorisches Museum
Tunic from Palermo; Blue and red velvet, gold embroidery, gold appliqués with cloisonné enamel an...
Ring in openwork filigree, Early Byzantine Period (A.D. 550–650).jpg
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Museum of Fine Arts - Outbound, Boston, MA, United States
Ring in openwork filigree, Period: Early Byzantine circa (A.D. 550–650). Materials: Gold. The MFA...
Medal of Emperor Constantine The Great.jpeg
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Medal of Emperor Constantine The Great, Period: Early Byzantine circa: 4th century, Materials: si...
Harness Ornaments-Late Roman (1).jpg
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Harness Ornaments. Period: Late Roman; circa: 200–400. Geography: Made in Thrace (possibly). The ...
6 (1).jpg
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Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
Enkolpion with Enthroned Virgin, Nativity, Adoration; and Baptism. Period: Early Byzantine Last q...
Fragment of a Floor Mosaic.jpg
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The Cleveland Museum of Art
Fragment of a Floor Mosaic- Adam and Eve, Period: late 400s-early 500s, Early Byzantium, Northern...
Earrings (pair), 600s, Byzantium.jpg
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The Cleveland Art Museum
Earrings (pair), Period: Early Byzantine circa: 600s. Materials: gold. The Cleveland Art Museum H...
Voronet Monastery, Bukovina, Romania.jpg
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Siege of Constantinople in 1453 (fresco), Romanian School, (16th century) – Church of St Ge...
Tapestry fragment Egyptian (Coptic).jpg
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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Tapestry fragment Egyptian (Coptic), Period: Early Byzantine, circa: 5th-6th century A.D. Materia...
Roman mosaic panel of Eros.png
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4th century Roman mosaic panel of Eros, a circus chariot rider of the Red Fraction. From Tunisia....
Theophilus, Byzantine Emperor; 821-842; Italy.jpg
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British Museum (Stop W), London, United Kingdom
Coins, Ruler: Theophilus, Byzantine Emperor; Period: Middle Byzantine circa: 821-842; Minted in: ...
Gold coin. Tiberius III.jpg
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Gold coin. Ruler: Tiberius III, Byzantine Emperor; Period: Middle Byzantine; circa: 705-711; Mint...
coin; Manuel I Comnenus.jpg
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Gold coin; Ruler: Manuel I Comnenus, Byzantine emperor; Period: Middle Byzantine; circa: 1143-118...
Gold coin of Manuel I Comnenus-2.jpg
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Gold coin; Ruler: Manuel I Comnenus, Byzantine emperor; circa: 1143-1180; Minted in: Constantinop...
Tiberius III, Byzantine Emperor.jpg
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Coin, Ruler: Tiberius III, Byzantine Emperor; circa: 705-711; Minted in: Ravenna. Weight: 4.309 g...
Constantine IV coins.jpg
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Coins; Ruler: Constantine IV; Period: Early Byzantine Period; circa: 654-685; Minted in: Sicily, ...
Gold Coin, Maurice Tiberius.jpg
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Gold Coin, Ruler: Maurice Tiberius; Period: Early Byzantine; circa: 582-602; Minted in: Ravenna. ...
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