Byzantine Treasures

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Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
Enkolpion with Enthroned Virgin, Nativity, Adoration; and Baptism. Period: Early Byzantine Last q...
Intaglio; Late Byzantine.jpg
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Octagonal intaglio, Period: Late Byzantine; circa: 14thc. Made in: Constantinople. Dimensions: He...
Reliquary Cross; Cloisonné Enamel and Gold, Middle Byzantine-2.jpg
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Reliquary Cross; Materials: Cloisonné Enamel and Gold, Period: Middle Byzantine (10thc.) Made in:...
Bronze Lamp from Luxor.jpg
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Lamp, Made in: Luxor, Egypt. Period: Early Byzantine circa: 6th-7th century. Subjects: Cross, bir...
Gold Signet-Ring, Late Roman.jpg
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Gold Signet-Ring,  plain hoop and applied oval bezel depicts bust of Christ(?).  Period: Late Rom...
Opening of Gospel of Matthew  Byzantine.png
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Opening of Gospel of Matthew. Period: Middle Byzantine. 1063 A.D. The museum is open to the publi...
Enkolpion Reliquary Cross with Crucifixion and the Virgin.png
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Enkolpion Reliquary Cross with Crucifixion and the Virgin, Period: Middle Byzantine, circa 10th t...
Solidus of Constantine I (306–337).png
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Solidus of Constantine I (306–337), Material: Gold.  The museum is open to the public Tuesday thr...
Busts of Two Emperors.png
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Busts of Two Emperors, Period: Roman, Circa: Late 3rd-early 4th century, Material: Chalcedony on ...
Pendant Icon.png
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Pendant Icon with the Virgin “Dexiokratousa” and Frame with Winged Bull of Saint Luke...
Solidus of Constantinus III -1.jpg
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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Solidus of Constantinus III, Mint: Constantinople, Period: A.D. 641–668, Early Byzantine. Materia...
Ivory Plaque with Enthroned Mother of God.png
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Ivory Plaque with Enthroned Mother of God, (“The Stroganoff Ivory”), Period: Middle B...
Medallion with Saint Matthew from an Icon Frame-1.jpg
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Metropolitan Museum of Art
Medallion with Saint Matthew from an Icon Frame, Period: Middle Byzantine, circa: ca. 1100, Made ...
Gold Cross Pendant-1.jpg
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Metropolitan Museum of Art
Gold Cross Pendant, Period: Early Byzantine, circa: 500–700s. Material: Gold. Dimensions:  3 9/16...
Icon of St George.jpg
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The State Hermitage Museum
Icon of St George, Period: Late Byzantine, circa: 13th century. Material: soapstone. Dimensions: ...
Tremissis of Justinian I-2.jpg
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museum of fine arts boston
Tremissis of Justinian I, Period: Early Byzantine Period, circa: 552–565 A.D. , Minted in: Ravenn...
Silver Coin, Datames.jpg
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Silver Coin. Period: 4th century B.C. 378BC-372BC (circa). Minted in: Tarsus (Modern Turkey, Medi...
Fragment of a Curtain.jpg
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The Cleveland Art Museum
Fragment of a Curtain, Period: Early Byzantine circa: 500s. Made in: Egypt, Materials: tabby weav...
Sapphire and Tourmaline Ring Gems.JPG
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Sapphire and Tourmaline Ring Gems; Period: Early Byzantine, circa: 6-7th century. Findspot/Locati...
Harness Ornaments-Late Roman (1).jpg
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Harness Ornaments. Period: Late Roman; circa: 200–400. Geography: Made in Thrace (possibly). The ...
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