Chora Museum Constantinople

Naos Mosaics of Chora

Naos Mosaics of Chora

Dormition of Theotokos

Adorning the nave/naos of Chora Church, this panel is hung above the main door. Mary on her deathbed is accompanied by saints, women, apostles, angles and Jesus Christ.

Christ who is dressed in all gold is holding an infant with veiled hand, symbolizing the soul of Virgin Mary. Two angels above are waiting to receive her soul. At the center, Christ is surrounded by a double layered mandorla (a kind of halo). It symbolizes the light that leads to heaven. There is a seraph above Christ’s head whose two wings are ready to fly.

Naos Mosaics of Chora

In naos, the mosaic panel describing the death of Mary is a masterpiece. The naos is also famous for its marble ornaments which include the onyx, red and porphyry columns that came from different places of the world.

The Virgin Hodegetria

Mary is holding the Child Christ. Christ is by her as the source of salvation. Above the panel, there are remains of a destructed marble engravings of Christ’s face and two angels.


Jesus Christ and Holy Book

In this panel, Jesus is holding the Holy Book with pages open: ‘’ Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give rest’’ Matthew (11:28)


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